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Rest of UK (RUK) Undergraduate Scholarships
Scholarship Name Rest of UK (RUK) Undergraduate Scholarships
Academic Year 2020
Nationality Any


The University of Aberdeen is committed to attracting the very best students, regardless of financial circumstances, which is why we offer a large number of scholarships to undergraduate students. These are designed to provide assistance to help students support themselves during their time at university, and also aim to reward academic excellence.


Our undergraduate Scholarships, for those classified as Rest of UK (RUK) Fees, are available based on two criteria: "Access" and "Merit". Scholarships based on "Access" exist to support those who may otherwise struggle to meet the cost of studies while "Merit" scholarships are designed for those who have shown considerable academic potential in their A Level results. Students meeting the criteria of both scholarships are entitled to receive both payments, potentially £4,000 per annum. The scholarships are not available to graduate students undertaking further study.

These scholarships are available in addition to applicable Government loans and grants - see below. The University will use the residual household income figure calculated by the Student Loans Company (SLC) when assessing your bursary entitlement.

PLEASE NOTE: that all stated Access and Merit scholarship amounts are only applicable to undergraduate students commencing study at Aberdeen in 2020, paying the rest of UK fee rate of £9,250 per year. The Access scholarship is only paid if the fees due in the academic year are £9,250.


Access Scholarship

Residual Household Income for Access Scholarship Residual Household Income Scholarship amount (for 2020 entry only), offered for a maximum of three years:

  • Less than £20,360 £3,000* a year for three years
  • £20,360 - £25,000 £2,000* a year for three years
  • £25,001 - £30,000 £1,000* a year for three years
  • £30,001 - £42,620 £1,000* a year for three years
  • Over £42,620 0

Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarships of £1k* for 4 years would be awarded to undergraduate Rest of UK (RUK) entrants with AAB at A level or equivalent (with the exception of Medicine).

Application Procedure

There is no application form. Eligible students from England, Wales or Northern Ireland who meet the above criteria, and are paying the tuition fee rate of £9250, are automatically nominated for the above awards with no need to apply.

To be considered for an Access scholarship, you must, however, ensure that you submit an application for funding to the Student Loans Company as it will be the information declared to the SLC that will determine whether or not you meet the Access criteria.

Payments are made each year to all eligible students in early April.


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